Starting my own custom computer company, need opinions.

Well, like the title says, I am looking to start up my own custom computer business, because I am tired of the bad customer support you get from the big companies, and Im tired of the rip-off custom computer companies that charge 200% for components original cost. I want my business to focus on the customers opinions, so I am open to hearing anything.
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  1. I like the idea of it.
    Living in Australia, we get taxed and overpriced by almost every computer store out there.
    After recently going through a new P build myself and doing lots of comparisons, it's almost laughable what they can get away with.

    I guess the financial and business side is one you have to commit to.
    I know both my mother and I had a rough start. Given she is in the medical research field which relies heavily on which grants she can obtain but you get the idea.
    I run my own personal training small business - boot camps and PT sessions right now and it really relies on very long hours of reaching out to all social media websites and constant marketing.
    If you have the drive I'd say go for it!

    Do you have any background in marketing or business in general?

    Sorry if I was talking dribble, had 6 hours sleep in the last 2 days

    Good luck and hope to hear you've gone ahead with your idea! :bounce:
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