Will a Radeon 9000 work in AGP8x

Will a radeon 9000 card credited as "2x/4x" work in an AGP 8x slot? I'm RMAing my current card, and I need a backup card, which I will then use in another system later this year. I'm thinking, if it will fit & run in a 8x slot, that the 9000 will serve me well for a small price.
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  1. yes
  2. it will work, but you'll not be able to take advantage of the bandwith agp-8x can offer than 4x/2x agp slots.

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  3. You can get a Radeon 9200 for about the same price, with AGP 8X support.

    Besides, DirectX 9 games are soon to appear and these cards don't support it. A Geforce FX 5200 is in the same price and performance range but has DX9 and AGP 8X support.
  4. Forgive my speculation, but I think what he meant is that he already has a 9000Pro and is using it as a backup until he he settles out his RMA situation. Oh, and while the 5200 has DX9 support, it's more of a cool feature than a useable one. Don't know what I mean? Just try to play Doom 3 with that thing.

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