Help Me decide on which laptop to buy!

I'm looking at both of these! Which one is the best bang for the buck.


Now I'm majoring in network security and taking virtualization classes (VMware). I have a waterproof 1TB USB 3.0 external hard drive and the bottom two have USB 3.0 ports but the top doesnt. What the top does have is a decent graphics card and it's fairly cheap. I play minecraft occasionally and will play diablo 3 when it comes out. School does however take precedence over all that.

My next question is for what I'm doing would the core i3 be sufficient? I don't mind paying extra for the i5 if it will make a nice difference. (I also make music with my computer and run some semi intensive software).

I will be running virtual machines and that can be very hardware intensive.

I keep hearing about USB3 bottlenecks....will it even run my external HDD at a noticeably different speed? Is the 7200rpm hard drive a limitation?

Thanks in advance
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  1. RAM RAM RAM and more RAM, I have found that when running vm's in a testing environment the main bottleneck is ram.

    Why are you getting a laptop? and not a desktop? Depending on what VM's you will be running, with only 4gb ram you will only likely get 4 - 5 VM's, which may be sufficent.
  2. Im gonna upgrade ram upon buying it to 8gb we work with desktops at school so I need something I can move around. Trust me. I need a laptop. My main concerns are USB 3.0, CPU bang for buck and Giving into my gaming guilty pleasure...sacrificing usb 3.0...whats the point of having this shiny super durable external HDD if i have no usb 3.0 ports!
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