Looking for a good laptop

Hello, i was looking for the perfect laptop for me but mostly my personal specifications and wanted help finding it. Here are the specificaions:

-Processor: intel i7 quad core
-Ram:8Gb DDR3
-Harddrive: 750Gb 7200RPM or bigger
-Video Card: Dedicated 1Gb or more
-Optical drive: needs burner blu-ray or normal doesn't matter
-Screen: under 16" and HD with 1080p
-Back lit keyboard
-8 cell battery or more with over 3 hours battery life
-bluetooth and wifi
-not extremely thick dimensions
-windows 7
-Good speakers built in

Help/recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Andrew.
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  1. Budget ?
  2. at most 2000$ wanting under 1500$
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