9700 non pro or Ti4800se?

Forgive my noobness, but I'm looking to upgrade my outdated ATI 32MB DDR Radeon. I haven't been too impressed with ATI's driver problems. Though after reading several posts about their 9x00 series, I believe their drivers are more solid. After reading several threads, I'm considering an ATI 9700 non pro which is about at the top of my price range.

I was considering getting a Ti4800se but DirectX 9 support is important to me as I probably won't be getting a new card for at least a year to 18 months, and I plan on playing games like Doom 3 and HL2 (which appearantly throws out the NVidia FX series at this time).

Does anyone have info/opinions on NVidia's Dx9 drivers?
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  1. Im running a Geforce Fx 5600. I didnt want to spend something like 400USD for a 5900. Nvidia drivers work fine like they always did. For the DX9 part its hard to tell since almost no game use DX9 at this time.If you want to go with Nvidia i suggest the Fx5600Ultra(the new one there is 2 version, on is clocked higher. As for ATI their drivers are fine now and the 9700 is a nice product, probably one of the best buy at this moment.
  2. 9700
  3. 9700 is much faster overall. and probaby cheaper


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  4. 4800se?

    its a TI4400. i have the same thing in my computer (GF4TI 275/550.. yes i have a TI4200, but its at TI4400 speeds) and i can tell you, its DEFINATELY NO 9700!! LOL LOL not even close

    9700 is on a totaly different level


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  5. Actaully I just took a peek at Pricewatch.com (searched as quoted) and the "GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE" is listed at $140. The "RADEON 9700 128MB" is listed at $225.

    For my budget, this is a significant difference. However, if the performance is that much better, I would be willing to fork out the extra $75 and forefit the video input.
  6. oh, ok well yes that is quite a difference in price.

    well, honestly, you would be upgrading much sooner if oyu got the TI4800se. the name implies that its faster than a TI4600, when actually its *slower*. marketing bullcrap

    if you need a cheap card, then yes its a good deal. thats why i bought a GF4 TI (they are all the same. only difference is clock speeds... so theres no drastic difference between any of them, unless your an overclocker)

    ill be buying a 9700pro or used 9800pro by the end of september tho. this is only a quick fix untli then


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  7. I think I was leaning towards the 9700 initially, but just needed that final push. I'll suck up and fork it out.

    Thanks for the replies.
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