win me sound problem

My brother’s pc has got a sound problem. He is running Windows ME.

He remembers it being fine before we installed windows 2000 a while ago, which I don’t think he likes.

Here’s the error messages he gets when he tries to play something in windows media player:

And the error message he gets when trying to play an mp3 using win amp:

Does it sound related to the windows 2000 installation? How would he uninstall windows 2000?

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  1. You were better off with Windows 2000 than ME it is a much better written program and more stable.

    Though you may have compatibility problems with some games and other programs in 2000 most of these can be solved by downloading updates like service packs 1 & 2 from Microsoft.

    From what you're saying I'm assuming you still have Win2000 on your system as a dual boot. If you want a 9x version of windows on your system I suggest Win98se it has less problems than ME and is compatible with just about everything.

    Also make sure you have the correct sound card drivers installed.
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