Is the GigaCube Radeon 9800Pro 256MB DDR-II any good? My friend is looking at some R9800P now. He has three options: GigaCube, Sapphire, and Hercules. Sapphire is the most expensive one while Hercules has the best stock cooling.

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  1. I've heard that GigaCube sometimes uses slower memory than they should be, but I've never had one myself.

    Still, if I had to choose between those three, I'd go Hercules I think.

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  2. I wanted to go cheap so I got my Radeon 9600PRO from Gigacube, the money I saved on the card cost me with blood. The damn thing displayed rectangles all over the screen and not only on my computer, took them 2 weeks to replace it and now it works fine but I won't buy anything they make again.

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  3. Looks like your better off with Sapphire.
  4. I haven't seen any review of the GC 9800Pro-256, but read <A HREF="" target="_new">THIS</A> review of the R9800Pro at [H] that mentions the problems with memory. Check the overclocking section where it desribes it. They were also shipped at BELOW stock ATI speeds!

    I'd say go with the Sapphire (or Hercules) if you have a choice. And of course BBA is always nice IMO.

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  5. I'd always look to BBATi first because they will ship at stock speeds (obviously) and always have decent stock cooling (obviously). Otherwise there'd be no point in selling their own cards.

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