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Was ready to buy ATI 9600 card. Just read latest on Tom's, now not sure whether to go for 5600 instead. Editor's choice of MSI VDTR128 - runs at 325mhz, sounds like nice card, about same price as an ATI 9600 which is faster. But which performs better? Suggestions appreciated.
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  1. I don't have these cards. I am only respondind to you because no authoritative person has......yet. So wait around ok? :smile:

    Most people here like the ATI cards because:

    1) Nvidia has been caught "optimizing" for certain games
    and benchmarks. "optimizing"="cheating" for some and
    some benchmarks on other types of nonoptimized games
    seem to bear this out.

    2) People claim that the visual quality is better and
    very noticeable.

    3) People consider that they provide a better 2D solution
    as well.

    So now hang in there while you read the other opinions on this forum.

    The loving are the daring!
  2. Well I DO HAVE experience with the R9600(<b>PRO</b>), and I'd say that IT'S a SWEET card.
    However there is a LIMITED amount of info out there about the R9600. There is ONE review I know of (I don't keep too many R9600NON-PRO Benchies bookmarked), it's the <A HREF="http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NDgz" target="_new">Gigacube Review</A> I've posted before. Be sure to read the whole thing and see WHICH version of the R9600non-pro to compare to the Gicacube one in the Review. The R9600non-pro and FX5600non-U seems to trade some scores. About equal depending on what you play, and will likely come down to price.

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  3. I have experience with the 9600 Pro, too (My dad has one). Fabulous card, great price. Excellent overclocker, too.

    These days, no matter what company you like, be it <b>nVidia, ATi, or whatever,</b> no matter how logical your reasons, you're labeled an <b>idiot</b> or a <b>fanboy</b>, or <b>both.</b>
  4. be very careful over the FX-5600.. seems there are 2 revisions floating around, probably quite hard to get the older/slower one now, but if you do go the Nvidia route be careful!!

    oh, and my 2 cents: ATI! ATI! ATI! ATI!

    (if you saw my other post) I've had some real bad experiences with the Nvidia FX chipset, seems to be a real cheaters board. Half of what it does is a set of hacks to twist DX9 to fit their standard.

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