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I've got an old HP dv6700 that my friend was going to throw away. I took it for free and would like to try and fix it but upon taking it apart I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Computer powers but shuts off before the post. All I could think of was replacing the cmos battery which didn't work. Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Not worth fixing. Just use for parts LOL These laptops were made when Nvidia was having issues with their video chips shorting because of poor soldering jobs or should I say gluing jobs. I usually tell my customers to get another laptop. I usually just backup their data onto a DVD for them and hand it back saying it would cost more to fix then buy new.
  2. I was going to say you should try plugging it in but.. Its not worth it.
  3. I refuse to give up! Unless its hopeless. I'd be willing to drop the 35 bucks on a new Nvidia card (found some on ebay) if that's the problem. I'd like to fix it if possible just to prove that I can. Only issue seems to be that when I pulled it apart I didn't see an Nvidia chip, now I looked EVERYWHERE, pulled the mobo out and everything.
  4. It sounds like the computer is shutting down to protect it self from short circuiting..
    You said that the computer shuts down before it posts, so, this probably won't apply, but I'm curious if you hear any kind of beep. If you do, post what you hear, the beep code can give you some valuable info to pinpointing the issue...
  5. Well if your desperate an you have it apart anyway you can try reflowing the gpu. I did this on an old Dell that crapped out and it gave me another year of use. I just wrapped the motherboard in foil and cut out a spot where the gpu was at and used a candle to heat it up for about 4 mins. Google gpu reflow, theres many different ways to do it. I was amazed it fixed mine but it eventually crapped out again.
  6. There is no beep code unfortunately. That was one thing I was hopeful for when I got it. I'm looking for something a little less...drastic, but I'm open to suggestions like the tin foil, erm, thing. First things first though, what could be the possible pieces of hardware that are broken? Seems like the video card would be the most suggested one but in the absence of that what else could it be?
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