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Working on a Gateway MD2614U that is a 3-4 years old. The laptop had severe overheating issues and was extremely slow, and the time/date on the laptop kept reverting back to 2008.

I cleaned it out, dusting it, cleaned and reapplied thermal past, installed speedfan then ran virus/malware scanners. Found a lot of malware and some virus's inc fake windows recovery and a couple others. I cleaned out the virus's and junk files etc.

the laptop runs like a charm now but it still runs excessively hot and after cleaning out the virus's it lost its validation. this is my brothers laptop and he does not have the disks anymore. It has Vista. The losing the validation is no big deal but wondering if it is worth going any further because of the heating issues
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  1. Basically I am wondering if there could be anything else causing the heating issues.
  2. If you cleaned of the old thermal paste and applied a fresh new coat, then there's not else you can really except clean out any and all dust which I assume you have already done.
  3. Yeah I did, the vent was pretty clogged and I gave it a pretty thorough cleaning
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