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Strange video crashes, please help!

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
July 25, 2003 8:32:20 AM

My video has started crashing on me sometimes after playing any 3d games for awhile. I'll be playing and then all of the sudden my monitor screen will suddenly turn into a grayish mess of colors. My computer doesn't freeze or reboot, it's just the video that crashes. It's also done it while running 3dmark 3001se.
I got a geforce 4 4200 with detonator 44.03 on an nforce 2 mb with 512mb pc2100 and Winxp pro. Any ideas?

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July 25, 2003 2:05:55 PM

I had similar problems when I used to have a cheap power supply. What's your power supply rated at in Watts? What CPU are you running?

Radeon 9500 w/256 bit memory bus @ 367/310
AMD AthlonXP 2000+
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July 25, 2003 2:11:17 PM

I doubt it's the psu. I just put in a brand new Antec 350 SmartBlue.
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July 25, 2003 2:19:02 PM

Yeah, that should be good enough.

Well, try disabling fastwrites in your BIOS...

other tha that, it sounds like it might very well be a heat problem. Try taking the side cover off your case and blowing on it with a fan. If it works, you know your problem is heat, so install a couple case fans.

Radeon 9500 w/256 bit memory bus @ 367/310
AMD AthlonXP 2000+
3dMark03: 3439
July 25, 2003 4:49:25 PM

I have 5 fans in my case now. Average sytem temp is only
44 C. I swapped out my Geforce with a Radeon 9700 this morning to see if that card was the source of the problem this whole time. I'll post back later to let you know.
July 26, 2003 3:58:03 AM

Well, not a single problem now. I guess it was that card after all.
July 26, 2003 4:02:13 AM

urg.... what card did u have before nVidia?? driver could have caused this........

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