Broken Connector for laptop screen

I have an acer aspire 5741g-3652 laptop that has a broken screen. I opened it up to remove the screen, but the the connector was stuck to the screen itself, and even though i tried to remove it as gently as possible, it was still damaged..:(

now i need a new screen and a new connector cable, but im not sure where to find one...
Im wondering if it is possible to get a new one and if so, where (specifics??)

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    you can get the screen from ebay--have bought quite a few screens from there

    though i always go for a seller with 100% feedback and that gives a warranty on the screen--about £40 or so

    the ribbon probably from ebay as well--it should have the part number on it
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  3. Yeah, I've gotten ribbons on ebay as well. Also, I've purchased brand new LCD panels from for not much more than used ones on ebay.
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