gigacube radeon 9600 pro... wat memory ns?

i think it uses 3.6ns memory..... not sure..... and the gigabyte 1 uses 2.8ns am i right? wats the difference in performance for 0.8ns difference. The price difference is like $70 AUD.
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  1. You're close, the Gigacube's have 3.3ns or 4ns memory <A HREF="" target="_new">CHECK HERE</A>. And the GigaBYTE boards would use the ref. 2.86ns Samsung or the 2.8ns Hynix memory (which is actually a WORSE overclocker than the 2.86ns Samsung).

    The diff. in performnce at EQUAL stock speeds would be the same, he difference in OC ability would be about 50(100)mhz. The diff. in quality of build and rep. is HUGE. You will likely also see a quality core (with more headroom) from the Gigabytes. In general I say stay away from GigaCUBE if youcan afford it.

    Hope that helps.

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