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FX5900 Screen Flicker

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
July 25, 2003 11:53:38 PM


2 Sony G220 Multiscan
MSI FX 5900 T128 w/44.03 Drivers

Last week I bought the same card and brought it back because of screen flicker during game play. Very annoying. I know about the Windows screen refresh being dropped to 60Hz and have made sure that this isn't happeing.

I picked up my second card today and have the same problems. During game play the screen flickers. This is very noticable when the second monitor is on and just showing the desktop. During Morrowind or Flight Simulator. The screen flicker within the game also. It makes the card unusable.

Does anyone have any ideas what might cause this?



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July 26, 2003 12:40:00 AM

I have the same problem with my Gainward FX5900. There are numerous posts over at Guru 3D as well as NV News.

Everyone seems convinced that it is a FX Bios or Driver Bug.

If I do not hear something Official soon, this card will be returned for a 9800Pro.

Thanks for your help.
July 26, 2003 1:05:17 AM

That's good to know.

I agree, if this isn't fixed by early next week I'll be taking it back and getting a 9800 also.
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July 26, 2003 2:06:22 AM

The screen-flicker is ACTUALLY subliminal messaging, in the form of intermittent frames that display nVidia PR B$!!! The more FPS you get, the more you get brainwashed!!! (This explains why nvidia has so many repeat customers! [that ARE repeat customers for no apparent, or explainable reason!])

Now, to get serious.
cwalker, do you also have a dual-monitor setup? If so, the problem may be related to that. Also I suggest trying a program called Riva Tuner, to force a certain refresh rate at X resolution. Make it 75, 85, 100, whatever you want (and your monitor can handle) and see if this helps. There *used* to be a similar issue with ATI cards, but only with dual monitor setups. Also try using vsync, along with a higher refresh rate, and see if this helps.

Neways, I sure as hell am not gonna try and stop you from upgrading* to a 9800 Pro if you wish to do so!!

*Better image quality. Non-cheaty drivers (see what you're supposed to!). No PR B$ in the form of subliminal messages. Usable 6xAA. Often times better real-world performance.

I just got the Catalyst 3.6s a few days ago, and hadn't payed UT2k3 for a while, till just today, and in that particular game, I see significant performance gains! I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. I'm actually using the Omega 3.6s, but saw the same performance gains in the Catalyst 3.6s.

Now I play UT2k3 at 1024x768 max detail with 6xAA and 16x quality aniso. I used to play at 4xAA and 16x performance aniso, or 8x quality aniso [depending on my mood:) ] and 6xAA and 16x quality aniso I didn't feel was playable on all maps and under intense conditions. Now it is. (Except for the occasional dual mini-gun battle, where your mini gun is in his face blasting away, and so is his... boy whats up with the minigun? If you just stare in a certain location, while nothings going on, and lets say youre getting 50fps or 60 flat, start firing with the minigun itll drop 10 fps!)

But neways...

Conclusion: Flashing screen is really nVidias subliminal marketing B$. Fix it if you can. Get a 9800 Pro if you want:)  And avoid dual-mini gun battles in UT2k3.

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July 26, 2003 2:08:33 AM

what did you have before FX5900??? a nVidia card as well?? there might be driver conflicts.... best thing to do is reformat and install the drivers again

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July 26, 2003 3:01:30 AM

The complex lighting effects on the gun and surrounding area from 2 gun firing 50 times per second is enough to slow it down considerably. That's my hypothesis. Kinda like in HALO, when you get a really intense battle with the assault rifle it becomes unplayable (20 freaking fps in an FPS? I don't think so. HALO will kick ass on PC, way better than Xbox version, 60fps constantly!!!).

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