Removing ubuntu and installing xp. Please help.

To all who take the time to read this and reply thanks in advance. Situation is as follows:

I just recently inherited an Asus laptop.
Specs here:

The hardware is in perfect condition but the os is not. It currently has ubuntu installed. After boot and splash screen the following error appears:

I am technically inclined but dont know how to code. This is my first pc in years as Ive switched from OSX. I do have access to another pc to complete necessary tasks. With some clear instructions Im sure I can pull off the following...

I have no familiarity with ubuntu and no desire to keep it. There's nothing on the hdd that needs to be preserved so a clean wipe is an option and preferred.

What I'd like to do and need help with is:
1. Removing ubuntu.
2. Format the hdd for windows.
3. Install windows.

I have a copy of Windows 7 update (legit) on its way in the mail so in the mean time Id like to prep.

After some research my plan of attack was going to be something like:

1. Download killdisk (shareware).
2. Create a bootable killdisk (need help on how to do this on pc) and wipe the hdd.
3. Download ubuntu and create a bootable for the sole purpose of formatting the drive, not installing the os. (fat32?)
4. Find an active copy of winXP slipstreamed with SP3. (prolly usenet)
5. Upgrade to Win7 with my legit and payed for copy.

Id like to accomplish 1-4 while my win7 arrives if possible. Im not sure how to execute all the necessary actions so step-by-step is appreciated.

Feel free to email me at if for some reason thats preferable to here on the forum. Lookin forward to meeting the help!
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  1. You may have an upgrade on the way - you need a full version.
    If you're a student Win7 will only cost you $65. Most people on this forum do things by the book - not from usenet.
    If you get a full version - boot from dvd, format & install Win7
  2. The windows installer has a HDD utility, when selecting the disc you want to install to select 'advanced' and then it will have a format option. Format the disc, and then proceed installing windows.
  3. @dish_moose
    If the laptop has a license sticker on it from the original Windows install then the upgrade version is perfectly legal for that machine. If that license is missing, or it never had windows on it in the first place, then you will need the full version. The student price depends on where you go. I know at UC the OS is only $5-10, and includes both a 32 and 64bit copy, while across the river at NKU it is $30 or something like that, so students should always check their student bookstore for discounts beyond what the standard MS price is for students.

    There may be an extra step or two to do a full install with an upgrade disc, but I am not sure as I have always done full installs from full discs (upgrades are too much of a hassle to keep track of what licenses go to which machines, and which copies of windows have been upgraded from, etc. so I just do full discs every time).
  4. Thanks for the quick replies as I just posted this. The machine does have the license sticker on it and I received it from my brother (who purchased the machine new). I didnt get any install disks from him as hes on a ship serving his country. Hope that quells any moral issues. The problem with the sticker is that its pretty worn and partially unreadable. As ms has received its cash from this machine Im interested in the fastest, simplest way to get this up and running.

    So, brass tacks:
    1. Are you saying that if I was able to recover the license, and booted from the windows install disc then there would be no need to wipe the hdd or use a separate disc to format?
    2. Also, with said license, would there even be a need to install xp as a base for win7 or would the win7 upgrade disc write right over the ubuntu and all its issues thats on it now? i.e. I just put in the 2 codes and fire away...
  5. Found out I can just order the OEM discs from Asus for $50 and restore the factory OS/settings. Thanks for all the support.
  6. Please remove your email or not so nice people might spam it.
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