Why is my laptop battery fully charged at 3 %? acer aspire one

my UM09H36 netbook battery claims to be fully charged at 3%. it's not charging any further and when i unlṕlug the cable, the netbook just switches off instantly. can someone help me?
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  1. Hello helen_40.

    This means that your battery is dead. The 3% is that the battery has only 3% from 100% and that electrons from 97% from battery are dead. I will recommend removing the battery from netbook (bad battery you never know what will happen)and use it just from power adaptor. Then take the part number and order a new one.

    Hope this helps. ;)
  2. You could try re-calibrating the battery. Some machines you need to do this in the BIOS, so it can be done from in the control pannel
  3. Manufacturer's estimated battery run times are heavily skewed in their favour. Test conditions to get these results are usually ridiculously impractical. Test systems are often run at very low brightness levels with things like the wireless adaptor, bluetooth, etc. turned off in order to squeeze out every last second of battery life to make the model's spec sheet look the best.

    That being said, typically, 3-5 hours is fine when the system is off and charging with a dead battery. Most systems have the battery already charged on delivery so it may take less time. If you want to be sure that the battery is completely charged, plug it in and leave it overnight.Accu Dell Inspiron 1750 http://www.accukorting.com/dell-inspiron-1750.html
  4. I just had this trouble with an Acer Aspire..what I did was,go into device manager and click 'batteries' right click compliant control method battery and DISABLE.then power down..remove battery and boot up again,then go back into device manager ..click batteries..and Enable.power down once again insert your battery and it should work.although I had to do this twice.hope this works for you.
  5. I would first try reseating the battery. As strange as it might sound this is sometimes the problem. Otherwise, like everyone's saying, your battery itself is somehow damaged or nearly dead.
  6. Uh, mY ACER Aspire V3 battery is the same with you ,I use other's battery and then it's OK ,so I bought a new battery for it .maybe you can try.
  7. Acer knows that their Aspire Laptops have battery failures and they still sell them without fixing the problem. The only resolution is to spend your own money shipping the Laptop back to them and wait two weeks to get it back. They know there are problems and they elected to keep shipping faulty product because it's cheaper than fixing it. Acer believes it's cheaper because most people don't understand PC's. DO NOT BUY ACER LAPTOPS!!!
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