9600 Pro, 9700, 9700 Pro? Advice?

Any advice on which of these to purchase would be appreciated. 9600 Pro for $156, 9700 for $237 or 9700 Pro for $305. I could afford any of them, but I want the most "bang for the buck". Thanks!
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  1. Then get the 9600 PRO, clearly the best price/performance deal of the three.

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  2. Obviously the 9700 pro will give you the best preformance. If you can afford it do it. Otherwise the 9600 pro overclocks quite nicely, <A HREF="http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NDY0" target="_new">see here</A>
  3. Where do you live?

    In the US you can get 9700 non-pros for around 200-215, which would definately be your best bet, offering significantly better performance than a 9600 Pro, and also being able to overclock.

    Get a Sapphire or Power Color 9700 np, you should be able to find both for around 200-210.

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  4. I'd get the 9700 np, shaphire. it's a great value.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I'm having difficulty finding a 9700np in stock anywhere, especially for around $200. Any ideas where I might find one (I'm in the US)? Thanks again for your help.
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