Dual Monitor Laptop

I am looking at purchasing a Laptop
Question is can they run a Dual monitor system ie: Laptop screen and also a Monitor
Or alternativly can the Laptop screen be used as a 2nd screen for a Desktop PC.
Thanks for your help.

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  1. As for the first question: I expect most of the time, it is usually stated in the specs.
    Never presume anything if it is really important to you ask (the supplier/manufacturer/both) or stay away.

    As for the second question: Don't know I guess it would become a lot more complicated as their is no direct input for the screen and you would have to use a usb line or ethernet, software ect. I guess it would be possible with enough effort.

    If all else fails: Read The Manual
  2. check out IBM Thinkpads (T40 is awesome), though many others can too. i use two monitors at work from my notebook (no docking station needed) for developing software, very nice.
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