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hello so i have a broken hp dv4 with a 2.10ghz t6500 (core 2 duo) and i wanted to put it into my other laptop which is a asus k50ij (2.3ghz t4500 intel pentium) so i was wondering which would be faster? would the t6500 be because of the 2 MB L2 Cache, which is 1mb more then the t4500? or should i keep it the t4500 because it's a 2.3ghz compared to the t6500 at 2.10ghz?
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  1. Hello.
    2.10ghz t6500 is faster. (1mb more cache in a notebook is a good boost)
    By the way check if there is compatibility problem changing the CPU`s cause in laptops for example in HP the motherboards are coming registered for a type of CPU. Hope this is not a problem with ASUS laptop , a test will let as know.
    Have fun (dont miss any screw i have found that the hard way :pfff: ) and good luck.
  2. Intel Pentium Dual Core T4500 will be faster / have higher performance.
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    The big list of Mobile Processors (CPU Benchmarks)

    Intel Pentium Dual Core T4500 is ranked #160
    Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 is ranked #192
  4. Hands down experts talked i have complete forgot the list shame of me :pfff:
  5. hmm thats crazy i was for sure the t6500 would be faster >< and i did put the processor in and it worked :D. so i guess i should move the t4500 back in then?
  6. What are you using the laptop for?
    It might not be worth your trouble to make the switch back.
  7. surfing the web. word. and photoshop and illustrator
  8. For the first two - it's not worth the trouble. You wouldn't notice the difference.

    If you do a fair amount of work with Photoshop and Illustrator (+2hr a day or so) you might want to think about switching back. Again, there isn't a huge difference in performance. T6500 actually did better in some benchmarks where the cache difference was useful (SuperPI 32M for example) even if it did rank a bit lower overall.
  9. hmmm this is a hard one lol i'm still undecided for now >< ek
  10. ok i'm thinking of just keeping the t6500 in just for the faster multitasking... if anyone thinks i should switch back to the t4500 please let me know.
  11. For routine multi-tasking the T4500 would be fastest of the two.
    It's long sessions with Photoshop and Illustrator where I think T6500 might closeu p the gap.
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