everything looks messed up!! help plz!

I use:

saphire radeon 9700pro
gigabyte 8sq800 mobo (sis655)
enermax 430watt psu

This morning I booted up my pc and everything looked fine, but when it actually got to loading windows, the screen just went black. This has happened before (generally on the first boot of every day.. oddly enough) but when i restarted the machine (from the switch on the front of the case) everything goes back to normal. The same thing happened today, except things didnt go normal again...

now when i turn on my pc, the text (post, bios, etc) is unreadable. Sometimes you can see small white boxes all over the screen. When windows boots up, everything is just messed up, and sometimes i see a series of verytical lines going down the screen.

As i said, there is nothing that can be depicted off the screen. You can kinnda see the start button, and when u click it you can see the pixels on the left side of the screen change, but you cant see the contents.

Since everything seems to work, and u just cant really see it, i am guessing its a video card issue. I am not sure because i cantg get access to another card to swap in and test.

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  1. heya backflash;

    I just recently had a similar problem with a Graphics Card, it turned out it was fried and i RMAed it to the manufacture and they replaced the card. If you want to rule out everything else just put the card in another machine. If it doesnt work then you can bet the card is fried.

  2. It could be a vid card issue, yes, but since you said its been happening in the past, but generally only on the FIRST BOOT, it sounds like it COULD be power supply related. Maybe the power supply is jax0red and needs to warm up a bit and get that electricity flowin before it could run stably (somewhat).

    430w is plenty of power, but that dosn't mean you couldn't have a bad unit.

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  3. I have the same motherboard as yours 8sq800 sis 655, and the same sapphire 9700 pro, got it today.. it works fine but with my previous card gigabyte 9700 pro i had problem like this, i think its drivers problem..
    just format your pc, it will help, also try professional driver remover cuz it might be that your drivers are messed up and install a different driver version.
  4. Have you tried just taking out the video card and puting it back in? If it hadnt just been working normally, I'd say that either the card had come lose, or the monitor cable. Eh, worth a shot.
  5. I can't reformat because i can't read anything on he screen.

    i tried both the cable and popping in the card again. It is still messed up though. I am gonna try to find a shop that is willing to swap in and out parts until it works. Then I will know what's wrong with it.
  6. Its not a driver issue if the bios is weird. Id say bad card or like WS bad psu but most likely bad vid card.
  7. Does the mobo have integrated video? If it does, and you could somehow activate it, that would give you room to work and find a solution.

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  8. unfortunatly it dosen't have integrated video. Now i sure realise how good integrated video really is, it gives you something to fall back on.
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