Aspire one netbook check cable connection

Acer Aspire one turns on and opens to a black screen saying Check Cable Connection. No bootable device. Insert boot disk and press any key.

Have no boot disk. Now what
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  1. It might not be able to 'see' your hard disk.
    "Check Cable Connection" might be a generic suggestion to make sure the hard disk has not detached from it's connector.
    Can you feel the hard disk spinning when you start? Making any unusual sounds?
  2. You can make yourself a bootable USB thumb drive with a Live OS that won't need a working hard drive to load.
    Ubuntu Desktop: use the create a bootable USB stick option.

    Tap on the F12 key after you power on to be able to choose to boot from the USB stick.
    Choose the Try Ubuntu option and not the install option.
    It's not 'Windows' but it will let you browse through your hard drive folders, etc, if your hard disk is still working.
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