Network printing problems on Windows 7

I've got 2 Windows 7 systems on my network. My print server is an old Windows 2000 box. When I add printers on the Win7 boxes, everything appears to be fine. Until I actually try to print that is. Nothing happens.
I access the print server properties from the Win7 boxes to turn on the driver installation for Win7 like MS said to. Still nothing. When I access the printers on the print server, Win7 isn't an option for additional drivers. I tried setting the client systems to use Windows Update to get drivers etc (worked at home with a network printer) but no dice. How do I add my Win7 drivers to the print server?
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  1. What is the make/model of your printer?
  2. They're Ricoh MFPs. I got around the problem by adding a connection through a different server.
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