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Could really use some help urgently...

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
July 30, 2003 12:05:29 AM

Hi after just finding out the board I purchased was a crappy Rev. 1 5600 Ultra, I am online with the company that I purchased it from explaining to them that because of their bad listings I had NO way of knowing this.

If I manage to convince them to change my card I need to choose a new card and I have several choices and would REALLY appreciate a honest unbiased opinion. My choices are as follows:

Gainward Geforce FX 5600 Ultra/780 XP
256MB AGP Video Card Dual DVI TV-Out Video-In 8xAGP
Price in NZ$: 387
Converted in US$: 227
Notes: If I am correct this is a Rev. 2 board because it lists it as XP. My reasoning is correct yes?


Gigacube ATI Radeon 9600 PRO Game Buster
128MB 3.3ns AGP Video Card DVI TV-Out 8xAGP
Price in NZ$: 394
Converted in US$: 231
Note: They have two listings of this card, after asking the right questions, this is the 400/600 card, and not the 325/400. The 400/600 card is the one I want correct? There is no higher in the 9600 Pro series?

I am REALLY annoyed at my vendor, I didn't realize their listings were so poor. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to tell the difference between a Gigacube 9600 PRO "lite" and a Gigacube 9600 Pro... It's almost infuriating. Same issue with the FX boards.

Anyway push comes to shove those are the two boards that seem to be the ones I want with all the proper specs (Ie. Rev 2. and not "lite"). I am leaning towards Radeon after hearing so much praise for it BUT it's more expensive then the Geforce FX card with LESS memory!!?. This has me VERY stumped =(

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July 30, 2003 12:13:00 AM

I don't know these cards intimately. People seem to favor ATI at the moment.

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July 30, 2003 12:20:26 AM

I'll explain, mon amie. The 256mb 5600 sucks. Waste of money. Well, the r.2 isn't a bad card, but any card (ESPECIALLY a midrange one) with 256mb of memory is no better than the same card with 128mb.

Secondly, avoid gigacube if at all possible. If you can return the card, that'd be great. Go with a better brand. The 400/600 is what you want, by the way.

I wasn't even aware of a 256 mb Ultra. If you go with nV, definitely only go for 128mb r.2.

If you go with ATi (which is what I did), and you're spending $200, go with the 9700 nonpro if you can. Best value for $200.

These days, no matter what company you like, be it <b>nVidia, ATi, or whatever,</b> no matter how logical your reasons, you're labeled an <b>idiot</b> or a <b>fanboy</b>, or <b>both.</b>
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July 30, 2003 12:22:06 AM

You shouldn't spend $200 based on what people "favor." You should buy what is right for you. I prefer ATi, mainly for the value and image quality.

These days, no matter what company you like, be it <b>nVidia, ATi, or whatever,</b> no matter how logical your reasons, you're labeled an <b>idiot</b> or a <b>fanboy</b>, or <b>both.</b>
July 30, 2003 12:29:41 AM


Gigacube is the ONLY brand of ATi Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB that they sell. So I don't have a choice there.

I would go for a 9700 PRO, but the price difference here in New Zealand is incredible.

The above 9600 Pro cost 394 NZ dollars.
The 9700 Pro cost a whopping 687 NZ dollars!
That's 403 US dollars!

They don't have a 9700 Non pro ither.

I really can't afford the 9700 pro asd like I said the 9700 doesn't exist on their site =/. I live in New Zealand so we get thing slower here and prices stay higher longer it seems. The website I am purchasing from usually has the best prices. I would buy from the states if shipping costs weren't so expensive =/. So the 9700 Pro is out and I have no choice but to get a Gigacube card. Does this change your analysis daddywags?

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July 30, 2003 12:36:34 AM


Get the 128mb FX5600 Ultra Rev. 2.

I think you are correct in that the XP means rev. 2, but always double check. The Rev. 2 runs at 400/600.

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July 30, 2003 12:44:34 AM


Get the 128mb FX5600 Ultra Rev. 2.

I think you are correct in that the XP means rev. 2, but always double check. The Rev. 2 runs at 400/600."

It would be the 256MB Rev 2. not the 128 MB.

That was the first trap I fell into. There only listed 5600 Ultra 128 MB is a rev 1. I bought this card assuming it was a Rev. 2. Turns out the only Rev. 2 version they have is the 256MB one =/.

This website that I am purchasing from is really starting to look poor.

After talking to them, because I opened and installed my card they won't make an exchange. Yet the only way I could have found out this issue is by installing the card >_<. I HATE how some manufacturers do not list clock speeds on the box. It's so frustrating.
July 30, 2003 2:08:25 AM

If the only R.2 is a 256mb version, and it's still cheaper than the 9600 Pro, that'd be a fine choice. Just for reference, how much does it cost to ship to New Zealand? And can I come to your house? I've always wanted to see NZ.

These days, no matter what company you like, be it <b>nVidia, ATi, or whatever,</b> no matter how logical your reasons, you're labeled an <b>idiot</b> or a <b>fanboy</b>, or <b>both.</b>
July 30, 2003 3:41:04 AM

A 256mb rev 2 for that price seems a steal to me. Gainward is a good brand too so youre safe there. If it wasnt an ultra for that price i would say the 9600 for sure. but if it is a 5600ultra rev 2 with 256mb ram that is killer.
July 30, 2003 3:45:40 AM

Wake up fargot, 256mb ram does NOTHING for that card!

However it is still a good option, in his case, and his case only.

"Mice eat cheese." - Modest Mouse

"Every Day is the Right Day." -Pink Floyd
July 30, 2003 4:09:48 AM

yes it is a good option isnt it?
August 1, 2003 2:58:48 AM

Albatron also makes very good quality Nvidia cards. I agree that the 256meg of memory are going to just be a drain on your wallet over the 128meg cards.

If you read most of the ATI card reviews, ATI has a firm handle on board design more so than Nvidia, so the "package" really determines what's a "good" card. Overclocking is about as reliable as CPU clocking. It isn't.

You could try a Zalman ZM80C-HP with a ZM-OP1 fan to cool either card down and squeeze the most out of your random VPU / memory lot. I found this combination to be well worth the money just to keep the darn thing cooled off period (ATI Sapphire 9800pro).

Another choice is to blow off directX 9.0 and just run an Nivdia 9800 (NOT THE SE)that is an AGP 8X 4600 in essence. This is still the best direct-X 8.0 card around for the money. Easily as fast as the 5600 in directX 8.0 2001SE 3D marks (12,500 3dmarks) on a "slow" P4PE 2.4P4 ASUS board. It will still run direct-X 9 games, too. You just won't notice a few nuances. But not a show stopper to good gaming. And once they get the power supply situation in better control and ALL the cards better sorted out, you'll be running for less money than any direct-X 9 cards.

August 5, 2003 12:42:32 PM

Hi, surely you can get more variety in brands in NZ. If not check ebay, and if that fails check our ebay here in Australia. You should easily find a seller that has access to a variety of brands and cards that is prepared to ship to NZ, for probably less than what you would pay. Because ebay is generally cheaper by 10 to 30 percent.
Anyhows, i work hard for a living and know how much $400 is to spend on a card. So what i would do is return your card and get a Ti 4200 for $200-$250, because the 9600 and 5600 are sill the same 4 pipeline architecture. Save the other $200 for when games require a 9800 or whatever, and you might get change from it.

August 5, 2003 12:45:20 PM

This is from the Gainward website, how come it shows the clock speed for a 5600 as 275? I thought they where 350(rev1) or 400(rev2)

Enginne Clock 275 + MHz
Frame Buffer 256 MB
Memory Type Fast DDR.
Memory Width 128 bit
Bandwidth 6.4 GB/sec
August 5, 2003 12:59:30 PM

If I were you, I'd buy it online. You can use Pay Pal and find a vendor that supports as such, or have pay pal mail your payment into the vendor. That way you don't get the GigaCRAP card and you can get one that is better. Try <A HREF="" target="_new">PayPal International</A> and find a vendor that will accept online paypal orders OR mail in orders. Don't waste over 200 bucks on a crappy card. If you're like me, a 200 dollar card lasts you for about 4-5 years. Would you really want to have a turd plugged into your AGP slot for that long?

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August 5, 2003 1:55:58 PM

What if he wants the image to look good with his new graphic purchase? GF4 series take a huge blow when turning AA/AF on :wink: .
August 5, 2003 4:19:41 PM

go the powercolour 9600 pro over the gigacube you get tomb raider as well, stuff the 2 yr warranty by then it will be worth nothin anyways (sell game for 50 bucks, cool, im movin to NZ)