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I have an HP dv6-3181nr with a i7-720qm that just eats the battery. I dont need the quad, so I'd like to switch to an i5. I acquired an i5-540m (q3g9) and it wont boot (i did the bios update). Do I need an SLBTV? SLBPG? Should the q3g9 work?

What versions of a 520, 540, 560 or 580 should I look for?
They need to be compatable with my pc3-10600 ram.

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  1. anybody? share some love? my 720 was an SLBLY, what do i need in a 540?
  2. Your Q3G9 is an engineering sample. I don't know of any way to confirm it's a good match for your motherboard. Beyond testing it - I don't know what else you can do.
    Spec wise, it should work. But it's not the same CPU as one of the production SLBPG / SLBTV CPUs.

    Intel Core i5-540M @ CPU-World
  3. I installed it and it doesnt work. I need to know if i should select a SLBPG or an SLBTV to replace my SLBLY. I'm having trouble understanding the differences, other than they sometimes arent compatible.
  4. Usually the way we look for compatible CPU upgrades is to look at the motherboard's CPU compatibility list.
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