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I have a gateway nv79. My problem is and i don't know how to fix, is that when i run a full scan using my Kasperksy, the computer scans for about 3 minutes then shuts down. I've contacted kaspersky and am working with them, but so far, with all they have told me to do, the computer just turns off by itself. Is it a Kaspersky problem or laptop issue? On another note, if i view a movie on the laptop, it will just overheat and crash. Any help?
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  1. The same reason you can't watch a movie is why you can't complete a scan. It is overheating and shutting down or crashing. A scan is very CPU and hard disk read/write intensive. Pretty much the same thing when playing an HD movie. If you are certain it is overheating and not a hard drive issue which can have the same symptoms, then you will probably need to repaste the heatsink on the CPU since it sounds like it is not seated properly. You will need to google the procedure since all laptops are different.
  2. Have you already cleaned the dust bunnies out of the cooling fan area?
  3. Thanks for the replies! Yes, i have already cleaned the dust bunnies out of the cooling fan area. I think repasting the heat sink may be too technical for me :-(. I hope not being able to run a complete virus scan won't make the laptop subsceptible to viruses. I have Kaspersky currently on it.
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