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I have a Laptop running Windows XP Pro and it hangs at the Logon to
Windows screen. It loads very fast up to that point. When I enter my
username and password, it accepts it and the window grays out. It will
remain grayed out and sit there for a full 2-3 minutes until the
windows disappears and it starts loading your personal settings. It
seems like authentication takes a long time. It is very fast after
that point, and loads to the desktop very quickly.

This only happens when I login to the domain after a reboot. If I am
already logged in and then log off and back in, it does not hang and
loads personal settings in 3-5 seconds. If I log in to a local
account, it only takes 3-5 seconds as well. It will hang at the login
screen whether or not my network cable is plugged in.

My first thought would be DNS, but my DNS and DHCP are set to
automatic, and I have no special WINS or DNS entries. There are no
strange events in the Event Logs, just about a 2-3 minute gap from
where the Event Log Service starts event to the No Domain Controller is
available event (which is expected since I was not connected to the

I have tried turning off and on Windows Firewall and my Anti-virus
software with no effect. I have also tried removing it from the domain
and adding it back to the domain with no effect. My host file is also

Any ideas?
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?)

    I resolved this issue by setting my Windows Wireless Zero Configuration
    Service from Manual to Automatic.
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