CPU utilization is contantly high

All of a sudden my computer is as slow as molasses. When it should be idleing, it has a 30%-50% cpu utilization. I reformated/reinstalled windows XP, and that didn't solve the problem. It's a 1gz athlon with 512 meg memory.

Any ideas on what could cause the problem? I'm wondering if it could be hardware related, since the problem appears right after a reinstall.

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  1. look at the task manager to see what is using the CPU

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  2. I would see what you have in Processes in task manager.<A HREF="http://www.answersthatwork.com/Tasklist_pages/tasklist.htm" target="_new">Tasklist</A>

    And check <A HREF="http://www.blkviper.com/WinXP/servicecfg.htm" target="_new">here</A> on the services you may have running.

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  3. Check the bus master on your ide controller.


    The "Current transfer mode" should be one of the DMA's.

    Solution: Try reinstalling XP on clean install (eeek)or use "Intel Application Accelerator", I spent >4 hours last night with a minor disaster and I used it to get the CPU utilisation down. I had high CPU utilisation when heaps was happening on the desktop and it was caused by disk usage.

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  4. TweakUI

    a power toy for winXP

    you can CUT almost every CPU wasting thing, and have a super responsive computer

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