Yelllow stripes on monitor. Fail to start/crashing

The story is:

I put on hibernate my laptop (Amilo Xi2428) . When i turned on again the computer the screen was completely gray and it was not responding to anything, so i did shut it down.

Please note, that before putting to hibernate i did not install any kind of software, neither did touch anything on the hardware

When i started it, before it did even boot it started to show the lines. I entered the bios, the lines were there plus i was seeing different characters all around my screen. I tried to boot on windows or on linux, but i could not. The laptop was failing to boot on any OS, same happened also with a live CD of Kubuntu.

After leaving it for many hours to cool down, it finally started again without any problem. 20 minutes later i got again a gray screen and the laptop freezed. After trying to start it again it failed.

Further information: Software that read GPU information show the clock speed at zero. Furthermore the GPU temp is about 65c while my CPU at 40. Something tells me that there is something going on with the VGA, the question is what can i try to see if i am able to resolve the problem ?

Regards Stephan
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  1. Hi :)

    New screen time...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I don't think it is the screen. I am almost sure it has to do with the GPU.

    I added a fan at the bottom of the laptop to keep it cool and the problem disappeared. Once i turned of the fan the problem started again .

    Just in case i did a BIOS upgrade (although it did not seem to fix anything).

    On normal use i see temps high as 75 now (without the extra fan) .

    The question is if the GPU is damaged already by the heat or my problem can be fixed by replacing the cooling system instead of the whole mainboard.

    As i do not play games , i also thing of decreasing the GPU clock.

    Any other suggestions/ideas are welcome.
  3. I am almost sure now it is the onboard VGA.
    I removed the external fan and run a graphic test. Once the GPU reached 75c the laptop froze and the monitor turned black.

    75c does not sound so extreme to me. I saw many graphic cards running at that temp under full load.

    So, can i consider the VGA as damaged or the cooling system ?
  4. I found some really important information for some people that have the same problem. It looks that nvidia can make a free repair.


    Fujitsu NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Repair

    Is your Fujitsu experiencing distorted video or flickering action? Is it older than 18 months? Then it is very possible that your computer is suffering from a NVIDIA GPU failure or fault. In this case, you should contact a repair centre in order to fix the disturbance as soon as possible. Creative IT has the solution to all your NVIDIA graphics chip problems.
    Fujitsu NVIDIA Graphics Card Repair

    Creative IT can offer guaranteed services for any NVIDIA graphics card reflow and rework requirements. We have an expert staff of experienced technicians and engineers who hold a strong intention of delivering friendly customer service. NVIDIA GPU problems can be confusing and frustrating but we will always provide accurate quotes and clear explanations. This coupled with our industry-leading BGA rework equipment and premises is an unbeatable combination to say the least! Regardless if the problem is basic or more complex; we always aim to carry out the repair on your Fujitsu in the most professional manner that won’t break the bank.

    We are able to enhance the performance of all Fujitsu models, including:

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    A NVIDIA chip failure may take place due to a weak die/packaging material set. The solder can become too dry because of the regular temperature fluxes of the computer, and will therefore stop making contact to the motherboard. Fujitsu is just one among many computer brands that use NVIDIA chip technology and have experienced malfunctions because of the graphics processors and chipsets generating heat.

    The ways by which you can tell that your NVIDIA graphics chip in your Fujitsu may be failing include:

    Multiple images
    Random or unusual characters on the screen
    Horizontal, vertical or jagged lines appear on the screen
    Video freezes
    Video is distorted or scrambled
    Flickering action
    Random rebooting or shut down
    Blank video or screen

    Same Day London Fujitsu NVIDIA Graphics Card Repair

    We provide our NVIDIA chip repair services to a diverse range of customers, including home users and families, small businesses and large corporations, government bodies and educational institutions. There are several options available for each individual customer, whether it be making use of our convenient walk-in service or same-day basis repairs, or having the Fujitsu sent to us via our arranged collection points or reliable courier services. The team at Creative IT appreciates that computers are a part of everyday life and problems can be stressful. For this reason, we guarantee to have your system back and up and running in the most speedy and straight-forward manner possible.

    If you are certain that you need a NVIDIA chip repair or would like to discuss the possibility of undergoing any type of Fujitsu repair, you are able to contact Creative IT by telephoning on 020 7237 6805, emailing at Otherwise, if you are in the area why not visit us at our repair centre on 80 Willow Walk, The Willows, Unit 1, London SE1 5SY. Our office hours are 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday and our expert team will be more than happy to help you.

    I will give them a call today.
  5. I gave a phone call on the above phone number. I was told that this is just a repair shop and they cannot do anything about it.

    Furthermore i was told that i should better contact with my manufacturer.

    I don't get it, why is their phone number there listed then
  6. A reply from was not was i was expecting. I was told of 135 UK pounds for the service.

    I thought that would be something like a recall from nVidia, but apparently it is not
  7. Hi :)

    I own a lappy repair company in the UK...

    That company are PRETENDING to be associated with Fujitsu....they are NOT....

    IF you have the graphics refloat problem and I repeat IF....

    Most companies like mine charge around £80 to £100 to strip the motherboard out, then refloat the chip and then reassemble the lappy...

    BUT !!!!!!!!!!!

    I warn you as we warn all our customers...the refloat might last 6 months or SIX MINUTES......

    We REALLY REALLY try and deter our customers from having this refloat repair done....

    Because of its EXTREMELY high failure rate...

    All the best Brett :)
  8. Hi :)

    Oops forgot to add..if your lappy is OUT of warranty Fujitsu wont touch you with a bargepole unfortunately... :(

    All the best Brett :)
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