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Hi all, I am looking for a new laptop and I am trying to figure out if I am on the right track. I have owned both extemes in the past, back in college I bought an HP 17" desktop replacement for 1800 at the time, lasted me 5 yrs and after that I swore I would never carry around a beast like that again I bought an MSI netbook and after 3 yrs i'm ready to go back to something bigger.

I primarily will be using it for work, so reliability is key, although I will purchase the extended warranty on it. I have a new desktop at home in my office and a ps3 at the big screen for bluray. So, the laptop will be primarily for on the go work and presentations for my instructor classes.

I do not want to break the bank with a bunch of features that I will never utilize. After doing some research I was looking at different models of thinkpads, with slightly different features. I could be WAY off in what I am looking at, suggestions very welcome.

Is it worth me jumping up to the i5 if I plan on keeping it for the next 3 yrs plus, with substantial daily use? Should I be looking at different notebooks entirely, HELP, haha
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  1. the i5 is more complete it got wireless n support bluetooth and got usb 3.o more expensive with more things on it
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