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So my problem is that all of a sudden, my laptop's screen doesn't turn on.

Exact details: my laptop had been on a couple hours today, and when I went away to watch TV for a couple of hours, I came back to it to find that the screen would not turn on. My laptop goes to sleep after 10 minutes, and I have my laptop cooling pad connected to it all the time (it was running on high).

The thing is that I've had this problem before. Under pretty much the exact same conditions (i left my computer on standby for a couple of hours and this issue came up).

I fixed it back then by taking a heat gun, and heating up the motherboard by "reflowing" it. And this has fixed this before. I've tried all sorts of taking battery on/off/holding the power button for 30 seconds powerless/powered/compress air. None of that fixes it. I feel like if I take my heatgun and do the same thing as before, it'll probably fix it.

So my questions are:
- What do you think could be the cause of this recurring issue?
I don't think its overheating because my laptop usually is below 70 degrees Celsius, and it was definitely cooler than that when it was on standby.

- Since this issue happened under exact same circumstances, do you think it could be a problem with my cooling pad and/or something with the usb-fan cooling pad cable?

- If anyone else has had a similar problem to this, what have you done or what would you recommend for a short term fix for now?
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  1. If you are having to reflow the solder on anything, it is going to fail, period end of story. Reflowing will only work so much. Buy new hardware.
  2. Im aware of that but that's because laptops overheat or get too hot and the solders crack or something. My laptop was kept cool because of my cooling pad, so I dont get how heating up my motherboard exactly fixes it when it is usually kept below the temperature where hardware failure occurs.
  3. Most likely its due to shoddy hardware more than heat. Or plain and simple age.
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