>=$650 - Yet More Computer Hunting Advice Sought

So I do feel bad posting another one of these considering how high of frequency these threads get started on here.

I'm another one of these souls with limited budget who would like to maximize my performance - gaming. I've decided an A8 (preferably 3510MX and up) is probably perfect for my position.

This is what I've landed on, it's a bit on the high side, but I think it's a champ:
HP dv6z
HD 7690M
9 cell battery upgrade ($30)
$630 before tax ($679 after a $50 tax, ouch) (with $30 off coupon, $100 instant, and ~$64 student)

I would prefer to be close to the $500 side of things but that drops the 3550MX @ 2.0GHz to a 3500M @1.5GHz, and looses the dedicated graphics card.

Is there anything else comparable ? - Newegg's current A8 lineup is pretty week... as is TigerD
Should I wait a week/2 and see what else turns up or is this probably as good as I'm going to get ?

I've read my brains out over the last few days as I've been out of the market for 4 years now - but I think this is as good as it's going to get, and that the extra $179 will probably be worth it...
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  1. Well i take it your looking for a laptop...yea thats about as good as you can get for the cheaps. i mean unless you want refurb ROG laptops for the same price, which considering isnt that bad. but A8 is crap, any way look use it, its only good for saving power
  2. I can't find any ROG refurbs for sale - also only the G53 will be down around this price. I saw some older ones but I think I'd rather have an A8 than a mobile core 2 duo.

    You have any leads on finding these for sale? I'm open to considerations for sure... I mean

    I feel like i'm out of places to look at this point - and that there aren't any real sales... I started out trying to find an i5 with at least a gt 540m (pref 555m) but with no luck I've seen some good results with the A8's
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