All-in-wonder 9700 shot-circuit in power suply!!!!

When i run any 3d aplication, the power suply (500w) have a shot-circuit! I have the all-in-wonder 9700 instaled at 4 month and nothing hapen antil now. I just lost 2 power suplys (500w!) and my hard disk (seegate barracuda 80gb st380021A) that have my precious files. I never seen some thing like that, the problem only hapen when i run a 3d aplication and nothing hapen in onothers situations. Please some body help me.

my configuration:

Athlon XP 2000+
Asus A7N8X
512 Ram
All-In-Wonder 9700 pro
500w power suply
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  1. I'd cash in on your warranty for the card...sounds like it isn't going to perform for you...and you can't afford to keep blowing power supplies.

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  2. Usely it is the other way around,the power supply frys the card or MB,or just quits.How do you know it,s the video card causeing problem ¿.What kind of warning do you get that the video cards is at fault.I never heard of a power supply getting to much current from MB to burn out.If the video card is causeing a short to burn up your power suppy that is strange.Most better power supplys has fuzes to burn out or pop,if the input is to much comming back into the supply from MB,but this is very wired.Hope you find the tango that is causeing your problem and shoot him in the butt-tox.

  3. Today i tested this card in another computer, and i don´t seen any problem, so i thing is probably the mother board that cause this(i discart the possibility of power suply problem because i just replace it 2 times). Its very strange, i know, but the mother board it the only thing that i not replace in this computer. Any way i will to the store where i buy it and change, but any one that have seen this before, please give me a light.
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