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Hi i got a converter box and hook everything up but when i turn on my samsung tv it doesn't have RGB.How do i get it to work?
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  1. we need more details
    what type of connection are you using to hook your laptop to the TV?
  2. there are many connector types out there. Most TV's and most laptops will have a 15pin dim, also known as D-SUB or VGA (all 3 are the same thing). For most people using older equipment this is by far the easiest way to connect.
    If you are on something newer then you will want to connect through HDMI or a DVI->HDMI connector.
    If you are trying to connect through converter boxes then be warned that there are far too many standards and limitations to get a decent quality image with a good frame rate, and without a delay to be useful and I highly suggest not going that route.
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