Bad program attacks

Has anyone besides me have this happened to them? And how do you delete / remove them safely from the register? Is there a way to keep them from coming back?
Wife downloaded a casino game and later I saw alot of pop screens on my pc & I wasn't even on the internet, but my pc is conn all the time cause I have road runner.
The bad programs were WEATHER CAST / MEMORY METER & PRECISION TIME. When going to ADD / REMOVE it would appear in the back ground running? even after removing it? Sometimes the DLL program files for these programs would not let me remove them, message would say " File is protected ?" I did delete them from the register and the problem is gone for now. It's just that I know these dumb pc attacks can happen at any time. Are there any guards before hand? These programs make you go online to there website before you can remove them & they suck alot of cpu resorces too. HELP......
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  1. there may be third party software that works better than this, but i use the security settings in internet explorer to prevent unwanted downloads/installations.

    from the TOOLS menu, select INTERNET OPTIONS. go to the SECURITY tab and you will see the four icons (internet, local intranet, trusted sites and restricted sites) in the window. click on the RESTRICTED SITES icon and the SITES button just below will become available. click on the SITES button, and a new window will open up. in the "add this website to the zone" field, type in the websites that you dont want to allow downloads from (ex:, no www). after you are done adding websites, click OK until you are out of all the windows and the restriction is set.

    what will happen is that if you are sent to any site on this list and it tries to download/install something on you in the background, it will stop the download and you will get an activex control message. i dont know if its absolutely foolproof, but since i started using this message, i have not had any problems.

    a couple of the other sites i have had to unstall software from from mine and other computer from are: (weatherbug and others)

    i'm sure there are a lot of other websites others can add from to this list. like i said, i dont use third party software to keep these downloads from happening, which may be simpler and more comprehensive. so i'll be interested to see other responses to your post.
  2. You have been hit with Spyware:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    I downloaded something just today that installed a bunch of spyware files on my machine. Run ad-aware, spybot, or both, and they will do a fairly good job of cleaning the registry and any files on the computer.

    Ad-Aware is at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    and I don't know the link for Spybot. I haven't used it but a lot of people like it also.
  3. I agree with bardic; You have probably been hit with spyware. You can remove programs like this by running Ad Aware 6.0, which won PC World dot Coms best free internet utility award. This program will search your hard drive for irritating programs like this. More than likely, Ad Aware will remove these problem programs and lots of others already on your system that you are not even aware of. To get Ad Aware 6.0 for free, go to: , when you get there, look on the left side of the web page where it says support. Click the downloads link under that heading, which will bring you to a page where you will have a choice of about 7 or 8 download sites where you can get the Ad Aware 6 standard edition for free. The program comes with a help file which you can locate from the start/programs menu. This may fix your problem, but if it doesn't, at least you'll have the program to guard against spyware attacks. Good luck!
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