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The title explains most of it. I am about to upgrade to a new motherboard and I know that I need to reinstall windows or do a fresh one for the new chipset. I am going from an X38 chipset to the X58 chipset if it means anything.

The problem is that I purchased windows 7 from one of microsofts student deals and it was a download so I never got a disk for it. This is a legit copy btw, not a shady download.

I see the windows 7 sticky about making a bootable flash but they all involve using the windows disk. I found instructions on how to go in the control panel to create a system repair and recover disk so I did that already but I am not sure if that is what I need.

I have two questions before I proceed:
1. Just to confirm, will this system repair disk that I just made function as my complete reinstall disk when I swap my mobo? It is worded as "this will help recover your system from a major error" so that makes me a little skeptical that this is what I need. Alternatively, I can to a fresh install on a new HD partition...but the same question comes up. Will this repair and recover disk work for a fresh install?

2. Create system image vs creating a repair disk. Will the system image function as a full repair disk AND allow W7 to get to where it is now or do I need both a repair disk and the image disk if I want to preserve my current W7 status?

Thanks for the help in advance. I did this a while back and got stuck between two mobos somehow so I would like this one to go down a lot smoother.
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  1. 1. No, the system repair disk can only repair an existing Windows install, not create a new one. This Guide will show you how to create a bootable Windows 7 disk from your downloaded copy.

    2. The system image may not help, as you could apply the image to a hard drive in the upgraded machine, but it would exactly the same as moving the current drive to the new computer, which may not work anyway.

    Using the guide above will be the best option.
  2. Ah ha...thanks Prophecy. I will try this out.
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