Help Speeding and updating emachines e525

Hi guys,
Ive just upgraded my emachines e525 to 4gb ram and a intel celeron dual-core t3500 cpu. (Only £20 for pair)

I have a few questions about getting this up and running at its full potential, (i realise the potential isnt too high lol)

I'm on Vista Home Basic but my memory is only showing 3Gb Ram, I've tried forceenable pae, nx always off and pae force enable. Actually made it worse on "NovaBench" on benchmark test.
Is the built in grpahics chip anything to do with this also ? Any advice ??

Also, about updating my bios, I have a InsydeH2O v1.02 and a gm45/47 , what can i do about optimizing my system??
I know overclocking is near impossible but ive heard quiet rumours lol, i know thats its not neccasary but it would be fun.

Any other tips about getting this system optimized would be greatly ! appreciated ,

Thanks guys for your time and thanks for any replys

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  1. You will loose the 1 gig of ram to your video card most likely an there is nothing you can do about this. You will not be able to overclock at all OEM laptops do not allow any overclocking. Maybe the video card but will not make much if any diffrence. To get a little more speed out upgrade your hard drive to 7200 RPM or an SSD. If neither of those clean up your hard drive with some app like CCleaner and defraggler.

  2. Ahh i will Thent, would it be worth installing windows 7 ?? and would a 64 bit OS make any difference??
    Thank you for your reply ! Do you know anything about updating my bios ?
  3. Well I do like 7 but what are you really trying to do here it will change your interface it will not make your laptop better... You will never "Game" on this laptop. I would not put to much more money into this as yes it will get a little better and a little faster when opening apps and such but your just bandaiding old tech. Do you have a goal or is this just for fun? AKA is their something you cant do you would like to be able to? No the 64 bit OS will not help you any it is really only for people with 6 or mor gigs of ram.

  4. Ummmmm, Yeah.... You Need A 64-Bit OS To Use Anything Over 3.5GB Of RAM
  5. Ccleaner is running as we speak, I can get windows 7 64 bit for free so I'm gonna opt for that, If i shouldnt please say.
    As for my aim, its was just for a bit of practice and to get it running a bit sharper. I know about its lacklustre gaming abilitys haha but footy manager runs much better :) No more money is going into this but i may sell it on shortly once ive had a playa round with it,
    Thanks again for your replys
  6. Oh and as for reconising 3.5Gb it can actually recognise 4Gb, as 2^32 = 4294967296 (4 GB ) but we have to jump through a few holes to get there, of which i dont know lol
  7. Yes if the Win 7 OS is free go for it and the 32 bit version can access 4 gigs total that includes and memory on video cards on sound cards any other addressing used by the processor so if any other memory is present and you have 4 gigs in you system your ram gets cut back so those other systems will work so 7 you are right the 32bit can access 4 gigs but you will almost never or I have never neen a 32 bit actaulls show as having 4 useable gigs of ram.

  8. ahh i see, i can get hold of ultimate edition for free ! aswell lol
    I might be able to get hold of it tonight aswell :) So hopefully this little thing will be running past its value.
    As for the bios . . updating it ? how do i go about it ? is it worth it ? any other ideas for some advanced tuning ?
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