Cannot install psc 2170 printer driver for win 7

i have hp PSC2170 printer with win7 os. i look for driver from hp - No driver available..
manually i follow the instructions and manage to install.device manager show all driver install without any exclations mark. but when i check in printer and fax it shows printer icon with exclations mark. when i right click at printer icon and propertise - it shows that printer woring properly but i cannot use the printer.
look like the printer driver its not working at all.. my question is "why still got exclations mark at my printer icon at printer and device."? any idea..please..

king kong
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  1. Hi,

    Properly install printer driver on Windows 7.

    Check the compatibility of the printer driver for the efficient operation of the printer and you may be able to avoid the printer access denied error message.

    You can install a printer using a printer CD which is built into your system.

    Otherwise you can visit the manufacturers website and download the specific and proper driver files for the use of the printer. :hello:

    get more information and help to fix error..........
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