ASUS EeePC 1005HAB Battery "plugged in, charging" Does not charge

Hey Tom's Hardware, I have this netbook for travelling and use on the go, and my battery has stopped working. It's detected and Windows claims it's charging, but there is absolutely no power in the battery. This is a huge pain as the charger is already broken and only works when plugged in at a certain angle, so its a find the angle and leave all night, use unplugged all day kind of thing.

Are there any sorts of fixes, is there any chance that the battery isn't completely dead?
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  1. Hi :)

    It could be either the battery OR charging pin from your description.....only way to tell is either buy a new battery or pay a local lappy repair shop to test both...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. temporary solutions

    1. shutdown your pc
    2.plug ac adaptor first
    3. put your battery
    4. your now charged

    still can't buy new battery
  3. There is a microcontroller in the battery, which controls charge-discharge, checks health of the batteries (there are 3-6-9 of them in the laptop battery) and disables whole battery if something goes wrong. ("Something goes wrong" may lead to battery explosion for example if ignored) Repair of such battery is more expensive than buying the new one.

    Have no idea how to check this in Windows, but if you can boot from usb stick Linux, you may check this by command in the shell "sudo acpi -V -i". If you'll get response "charging at zero current, will never charge" - you need to replace the battery.
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