Acer Aspire One 522 wLan drivers

I come to thee today as a last resort.

I feel i have scurried and searched every corner of the internet, but to no avail.

I have recently formatted my cherished AAO 522, and installed Windows XP. Everything works fine except the one thing that NEEDS to work.

This is after all a NETbook, so it sadness me to no end that i cannot seem to find some functional wLan drivers for Windows XP for this computer.

Has anyone found such drivers? Anyone care to advice me in the correct direction?

I beg your aid as a last option.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. The Specs are here:

    And the drivers are here:

    And if you need the exact files:


    To be able to install it finally you need to switch on the WiFi adapter by either the Hot Keys or then the physical switch that might be present there.
  2. I tried both of those to no avail.

    I am guessing they are designed for Win7.

    Could that be the reason they don't work?
  3. Does it have a switch to get the wifi on, mine does.
  4. alyoshka said:
    Does it have a switch to get the wifi on, mine does.

    A switch? As in something physical, or a button combination?

    Thanks for the help btw! :love:
  5. Yes, it's a sliding switch towards the right of the touchpad, along the edge. OR then it's one of those touch things above the keyboard at the right called easy access or something of that sort.
  6. After a thorough inspection, i found no such thing.

    The only way to turn on and off wireless on this computer is to press Fn + F3. And as of right now, that does nothing.

    I think the problem is that my computer isn't "finding" my wireless device. If that makes any sense...?
  7. Press Fn + F3, then check your windows device manager and see if you see and unknown devices, or exclamations marks or question marks or red triangles.
    Where do you see what?
    What are the network adapter configured there in the device manager?
    Then press the Fn + F3 keys again and in the device manager itself click on scan for hardware changes see if anything comes up.
  8. There are yellow exclamation marks next to

    Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus
    Network Controller
    SM Bus Controller

    Nothing changes when i press the Fn + F3 combination.

    Interesting fact, my Ethernet adapter works like a charm. But not the wireless one : /
  9. it seems the drivers for the network adapter. the LAN one is installed fine. What you need to do is turn the nettop over and see a sticker there with a broadcom label. What is the model of the written next to the broadcom label.
    That is the model of the Wifi adapter in the acer.
  10. You also need drivers for the Audio and the Chipset.
  11. There is no such sticker. There is only the Microsoft-serial sticker and the Aspire One serial number. The word Broadcom is not displayed anywhere on my machine.

    Oh and before you think i'm a retard, this DID work on Win7 just hours ago.
  12. Is there an Atheros sticker?
  13. No sir.

    And there is no sign of any peel-off either, so i doubt I've removed them.

    I am starting to think this PC just isn't built for Windows XP.
  14. Yeah, they do that to a lot of emachines where they don't allow you to install another OS other than the one that comes with it.
  15. So you think i should just admit defeat and go back to 7? :(
  16. Nope, you could find the drivers for them all , it takes time, unless you're in a hurry to get it all back and working :)
  17. I am in no rush, but i do have one hell of a time finding them. Any pointers as to were i should search? Google has already been tried :na:
  18. Nope, only pointers are in the rig now
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