Good deal for my wife?

Good Evening everyone, my wife's toshiba laptop has finally died...(thank god, I hated it from the beginning). She wants to buy a new laptop and she nearly did after going to Nebraska Furniture Mart and buying on on a whim that would have set her back about $800, and let me tell you, after I found out what it was, I nearly threw up. Well she didn't buy the laptop thankfully and like the good wife she is, she finally consulted me after returning home with nothing, she said she felt nervous and uncomfortable because the salesman kept hassling her.

To the point: I found this laptop on newegg and to me, it looks like a great deal for what you get. She's an average user, video calls, facebook games, emails etc. [...] llFullInfo

Let me know what you think & please let me know if you have concerns about this machine.

Thank you
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  1. Hello trtmerlin;

    Your link is broken.
    What kind of budget are you looking at?

    What was that $800 model @ Furniture Mart?
  2. sorry about the broken link, must have gone out sometime last night on newegg. I'm looking up the laptop now and will be posting spec's soon.
  3. ah here we go, I'll post the link and some specs with it. This is the laptop I had found last night.

    ASUS X54C-NS92
    Intel Pentium B960 2.2GHz
    6GB DDR3
    320GB HD

    The laptop she was looking at I'm unable to find online for some reason. From what I remember it was a toshiba w/ an i3 500gb HD, 4gb memory and 5400 rpm w/ onboard graphics, however the price was something outrageous.

    But like I said, she's an average user, video calls, facebook games, emails, internet searching etc etc. Let me know what your thoughts are, any concerns and feel free to let me know if you may have a better recommendation.
  4. If your wife is going to use the laptop for Internet, Youtube, Skype and things like that, the Intel HD Graphics 3000 that i think comes with that laptop is good enough.
    What i would do is try to get the best CPU you can.
    320 GB its enough
    6GB its enough (4GB also good)
    So, keeping everything else constant, try to get the best CPU.
    You can see how "good" your CPU is using this page as reference.

    So you can compare your Intel B960 (#113).

    Maybe you can get a 2 core/4 Threads CPU (higher in the list off corse) with almost the same money. Not a big difference but still...
    Like i said, in MY opinion, hard drive, graphics and RAM its ok for your wife for the above uses.
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