GeForce4 4200Go 64MB or ATI RADEON 9000 but..

hi this is gonna seem stupid to all of those who are old hat with G cards. i would like to firstly apoligise to you for asking the basic which one should i buy but i would like to think that i have added more that the useual which lap should i buy.
now i would like to point out that i am ´intermediate´ when it comes to comps. but i am next to use less with G cards. so here is my fairly stupid Q.
ok i am buying a Notebook form either dell or Higrade.
now my Q:
should i get the nVidiaTM GeForce4 4200Go controller with 64MB of DDR video memory or ATI Mobility RADEONTM 9000 controller with 32MB DDR video memory with the Mobile Pentium 4 Processor-M up to 2.6GHz with 512Kb cache and 400 FSB.
the ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 controller with 64MB DDR with Intel P.4 3.06GHz with 512Kb cache and 533MHz FSB.

ok basicly i will use the lap for work (college) mainly, but would like to play games on it as well.
if anyone would advise me i would be most greatful.
thanks for reading shuch a long post!

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  1. The 4200 Go is a much faster graphics chip.

    I'd go with that one.

    - Cleeve

    Radeon 9500 w/256 bit memory bus @ 367/310
    AMD AthlonXP 2000+
    3dMark03: 3439
  2. who ever says R9000 is a fanATic!! lol

    Proud Owner the Block Heater
    120% nVidia Fanboy
    PROUD OWNER OF THE GEFORCE FX 5900ULTRA <-- I wish this was me
    I'd get a nVidia GeForce FX 5900Ultra... if THEY WOULD CHANGE THAT #()#@ HSF
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