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Quick question for anyone that can help me. Amazon has a deal of the day on SWTOR for $39.99, which is just the right price point I was willing to pay for it. I recently bought a laptop for school and haven't done much gaming other than CIV5 on low settings. Can anyone tell me if I can run SWTOR on it and the maximum setting I can run it at with a good frame rate? I want to know if I can run it at OK settings before I pull the trigger. Thank you for your time.

My specs:
Intel i7-2670 @2.20 GHz with turbo boost up to 3.1
1GB DDR3 Radeon HD 6630 switchable graphics
8.00 GB RAM
750 GB 7200 rpm hard drive
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  1. 6630 is too weak for swtor to run at maxed out settings at 1080p, you'll probably have to run it at medium settings

    i played beta on highly overclocked gtx 460 (925mhz core; stock is 675) desktop at 1680x1050 and i was dipping low in populated cities (25ish fps) on ultra settings and according to this toms gpu hierarchy chart your gpu is 3 steps below stock gtx 460

    cpu is fine tho
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    You have a decent chance of running SWTOR on high graphics settings.
    But you might need to do some tweaking or run on medium settings to get fluid frame rates.

    Computer Games on Laptop Graphic Cards
  3. Looking around at some other sources you're probably going to need to run medium settings to get over 30fps @ 1366x768 resolution.
  4. I was running SWTOR in the 18-25 FPS range with no video card at all (on my 42" 720p Sony TV) along side a 2nd 19" monitor running IE8, and onboard Intel HD3000 graphics. I had everything maxxed other than shadows (off) and AA (off). The play was smooth, even in heavily populated areas, however, after intalling my 560Ti, I gotta say its nice having shadows on high and AA on high! Now I'm maxxing at 111 FPS but I can't really tell the difference in how smooth the play is; rather, the shadows and AA just make it look better.

    You can see how it performs here:

    And compare it rougly to what I was running here:,3107-7.html

    I think you'll be pleasantly suprised.
  5. Thanks guys, I was just hoping I was going to be able to run it on medium settings. Thanks again.
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