home networking on a laptop belonging to Domain at work

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I realize in order for home networking to work
bidirectionaly, I need to have all home PCs on the same
workgroup. But if I want to connect my work laptop which
is part of corporate domain at work, how can I get to
shared files at home without making it part of the home
workgroup. I don't necessarily want to share the files on
my work laptop. I just want to get to files on my other
home computers.
I read on Microsoft's site that it is possible to get to
shared files without becoming part of the workgroup, but
it didn't say how to do it.
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  1. i face the same problem, now having already 2 different laptops time to time at home from different domains which i can not modify to work with my home workgroup. i use zyxel router, maybe somebody can give good advise what to do?
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