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Howzit guys...
I recently reinstalled windows on my HP dv7 6051-EI, and cant get 2 drivers to work!
Firstly, my graphics drivers. it has a 6770m, but i cant seem to get CCC to work... i have quite a lot of experience with this sort of thing, and is just frustrating!
it simply sais :

AMD Catalyst Mobility cannot be downloaded due to incompatible hardware /software on your computer.

The version of your graphics adapter is not supported.

so i cant even install it! (btw im running win 7 64bit, and checked repetively that i have the correct drivers, but maybe some1 cld post a link incase im being dumb, lol)
P.S. it just picks up a standard VGA card in Device Manager and Intel graphics, so its not even showing up as a 6770!!!
So im currently running on my intel graphics, so no gaming for me...

The second thing is that i cant get my fingerprint reader to work! I installed 2 different HP SimplePass versions, but nothing works! maybe a third party software or somthing... idk!

any help would be appreciated, as i have an upcoming lan, and some1 wants to use my laptop, so im stuck!
Many thanx in advance... :sweat:
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  1. i know some laptops let you switch between intel and dedicated graphics. if its set to intel, the driver cant see the 6770m to continue the install.

    look up how to switch the graphics. likely in the manual.
  2. Have you tried using the HP update utility?
  3. @ haiker WTF???

    @ farrengottu Thanx! i forgot bout that... im searching for it now.

    @ arson94 Yes i did, but the same result.

    UPDATE: I managed to update the driver and now it shows up in device manager as a 6770m, but CCC is still not recognising it and therefore not installing and working...

    thanks for the input!
  4. did you tried to install only the driver it self not the suit?
  5. i did it through windows ( device manager) but not from AMD, cld u specify which 1?
  6. Well I know that some vendors, like Lenovo, won't allow you to install drivers from Nvidia's or AMD's website for some laptops. You have to install the drivers that you download from your laptop's vendor's website (HP in this case) because they have special/specific power features and functionality that aren't supported from AMD/Nvidia's websites.

    I mention this just in case you were trying to install the CCC suite package from AMD's website instead of downloading the package from HP directly for your specific laptop.

    EDIT: Well you did say that you tried the HP update utility and that had not worked before. I guess then you have probably tried downloading the CCC package from HP directly. I'll try to think of something else you could try other than just uninstalling everything you have so far for both video chipsets and retrying the process from scratch.
  7. HP and AMD is the absolute worst at this. They are having major issues with the switchable graphics, constant driver crashes and so forth. I get the blue screen of death once a week due to the atikmag.sys when the switchable graphics turns on or off. One thing I saw that may help you is to turn of the switchable component in the bios and just leave the 6770 on all the time. Problem is that this eats up more power and causes more heat so your fan will be running all the time. I believe it is done in the bios. If you search you can find out how it is done.
  8. thanx for the replys, ill try them all... now for the fingerprint reader?
  9. UPDATE: I managed to get CCC to work by installing from HP's website...

    Has anyone got any idea how to fix the fingerprint reader? that would really be helpful!
  10. UPDATE: I managed to get the fingerprint reader working by getting an older version, so thanx everyone!
  11. Good deal, I was hoping that would solve your issue with CCC. Glad you got the fingerprint reader fixed too. What games can you play fairly well on that 6770m?
  12. Crysis on high, skyrim max, MW3 on full, etc...
  13. Sweet. Well game on p4nz3r. Enjoy!
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