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Good Evening everyone, my wife's toshiba laptop has finally died...(thank god, I hated it from the beginning). She wants to buy a new laptop and she nearly did after going to Nebraska Furniture Mart and buying on on a whim that would have set her back about $800, and let me tell you, after I found out what it was, I nearly threw up. Well she didn't buy the laptop thankfully and like the good wife she is, she finally consulted me after returning home with nothing, she said she felt nervous and uncomfortable because the salesman kept hassling her.

To the point: I found this laptop on newegg and to me, it looks like a great deal for what you get. She's an average user, video calls, facebook games, emails etc.

Let me know what you think & please let me know if you have concerns about this machine.

Thank you
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  1. for a non power user you dont need an $800 laptop.

    me and my brother bought our somewhat computer-challenged mother an asus laptop with integrated graphics and an i3 or i5 processor. it works fine.

    i think it was around $550 and it is brown with some sort of ripple texture coating.

    works great!

    just my 2c.
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  3. I think that laptop will work just fine for your wife's use. I use my older dual core laptop for school/work use. I'm a heavy multitasker, listening to music while surfing the net while typing two or three reports... and I only have 2GB of old DDR2 RAM =P.

    So those specs are solid, better than my old... poor... laptop. And if my laptop runs like the day I bought it, that will too.*

    *Does not include typical newb stuff like spyware, viruses, a billion toolbars, adware, etc....
  4. I would look for a refurb with atleast an i3 and bigger HDD.
  5. What's important in a laptop for your wife? Performance or portability?
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