Which vid card is best forme..

Athlon 3000+ 400 fsb
gigabyte nforce 2
1 gig ddr 400
geforce 3 :(

I play alot of games and I was wondering what might be best for my system... I waslooking at the 9800 pro and 5900 ultra...I also pplan to play a lot of future games so I want to get a good card. Any advice would be great
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  1. both are roughly equal in performance, get the one you can get for les $$. You won't regret any of these 2. Just make sure you wipe you old drivers perfectly is you switch brand.
  2. don't want to start a fan war but as far as i'v heared nividea performs better without aa and af, but ati beats the [-peep-] out of it with aa and af and well 9800 little more then half the price of 5900, ati clearly better buy but if you a rich son of a bitch go for 5900

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