Need a laptop for everday use and music programs. Ideas?

Hey guys, I'm looking for a laptop for college work and dj'ing on the side. I'm looking for a newer laptop (a model from this year or last year to be exact).

I'd like to spend no more than $600 USD, but I'm open to anything near that price.

I want a backlit led 15" screen. It needs to have a cdrw/dvd drive for copying cd's and dvd's. Also I'm looking for one that has no less than a 500GB HDD.

I need it for everyday and college use, and it needs to also handle all my music programs (Serato, Ableton, Fruity Loops)

I will not be gaming on this laptop.

I'd like to have 6 hours of battery life, or close to that.

I'd like to see the laptop in person before I buy it but if I can't it's no biggie.

I'm open to any brand of laptop as long as the build quality is sturdy and the laptop will last me for years. Glossy or matte to me isn't really a huge deal, if I like a laptop and it's glossy I'll just have to live with that, so I'm not restricting my choices based on screen type.

Got any suggestions for me? Thanks guys!
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  1. This is just a side question, but do they make laptops in the price range that I listed that use better sound cards? Only because I'll be doing a lot of music editing and dj'ing, I'm wondering if there are laptops with dedicated sound cards in them. Thanks!
  2. Can anyone help?
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