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Was wondering if anny one knew about some mid rang-good laptops with airintake on the sides or on the back. No apples!

Question. Why do they produse laptops with air intake undernith???? Its **** stupid!
My GF has a delll vostro, quite fast with i5 core and a decent GPU. But its no use as it turns off after 3 min in ither photoshop, premier og tm nation. And its not a special case cuse her whole class of 23 students all have the same problem. I had a Dell xps big blocky thing, but with fantastic cooling. And big vents on the backside and airintake on the sides.
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  1. where would you expect the intake fan to be? if you think about it a fan on the bottom sucks in COLD air into your system. laptops are designed to be set on a flat surface not blocking the intake fan. apple laptops have internal fan sucking the air into the system through the keyboard, looks better but they run hotter.
    if your gf and 23 other people are having problem why didnt they go to higher authorities for example a teacher of your gf and tell them a problem. I'm guessing you are using a legit copy of photoshop too.
  2. Well the IT dude on the school has been on contact with dell a 100 times. And changed a lot of parts. But wont help as the dell vostro 3700 is worst unstable pc dell has ever produced. They know it, and therefor ignore it.

    Anny way, dell xps 15" 17" seems quite good. A lot of good specs for the money aswell.
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