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does the acer aspire 5332 have a slot where i can fit a PCMCIA dual-USB slot-in card to as my USB ports are broken on my laptop and i was wondering if i can use this card. If so whats the best one to buy
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  1. ummmm, you are speaking as if you have possession of the laptop, but are asking us if it has the slot or not?

    upon further inspection of your laptop, figure out what type of bay it has and look on newegg. but im sure any generic card will do you just fine.
  2. no it doesnt

    i fixed my broken usb this way

    To those that have posted that their ACER 5332 has broken USB ports, mine failed after a short in a usb device, both USB plugs stopped working, but showed up in device manager ok.

    i googled forever and found no solution, its mother board damage apparantly. and more expensive to fix then worth.


    i noticed when i used a external usb CD-rom which had one usb for power, and one for read-write- if the power cable was powering from another computer, the ACER would identify the CD Drive and it WORKED!

    so i thought, the USB plugs must WORK but lack POWER only,

    i went on ebay, brought a usb hub with its own plug power source and using this, i can now use my acer USB and the hub
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