How in the beef do I rip a DVD?

I'm looking to start ripping some DVDs to MP4. What all software is out there and where can I get it? Also what's the deal on the copy protection issues I keep hearing about that prevent the movie from being copied to the hard drive
I'd like some info on:
--Price (any free ones?)
--Which OS's are supported
--Your experiences with the software packages


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  1. You need tools that can decrypt the DVD, convert the DVD-video(MPEG2) to DivX(MPEG4),and convert the DVD-audio(AC3) to MP3. There are tools that can do all this at once, but they are not as developed as seperate tools that can do just one step each. My favorite tools are:
    DVD Decrypter (decode the DVD)
    FlaskMpeg (convert the video)
    VirtualDub (convert the audio)

    For detailed guides to use these tools and many other visit
  2. I second the above opinion, go to doom9.
  3. My favorite site is

    I use clad-dvd for ripping, and flask for encoding video and audio...

    I guess I've been lucky, cause I haven't had any vid/aud sync problems which are an issue for some people when using flask for both...

    I've used vdub for audio, but now I just skip the extra step...
  4. If your thinking of ripping DVDs for the bootleg scene, please stop right there. The scene is already flooded with too many kids with cheap DVDs uploading dupes o plenty to FTPs.

    Do the net a favor and rip them for personal use. I cant tell you how much this angers site admins. Instead of spending time viewing videos (often for integrity), they spend most of it deleting dupes or crap rips (which is common amoung DVD-Rom rips).
  5. I'm sure its for personal use only. Just like I'm doing.
    Anyone want the Matrix!!!!

    Take Care.
    Yes,I know I'm immature, but my goal is insanity!
  6. You don't got to worry about me posting them. Besides, I don't think I would be too successful sending 800 Meg over a 56K modem while using NetZero <--(which sucks anyway).

    Want to get a 100% interest rate on your computer investment?...Stick your money in the bank!
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